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Why PUF Panels are the preferred decision for modular buildings?

PUF Panels are the advanced procedure and utilized for building rooftops, walls, building sheds, and warehouses. These all are the energy-saving Panels which set aside to 40-50% energy yearly. PUF Panels are easy to install and low maintenance prerequisites for a prefab buildings. PUF or Polyurethane froth protected Panels are 100 percent eco-friendly and impervious to consumption, and some other sort of actual effect.

The PUF Panels are cost-effective, easily maintained, and keep hardware corrosion free so they can work for quite a while. The PUF Panels are great items. On the off chance that you really want to destroy the prefab storage buildings, every one of the materials are reusable as the outcome in no material wastage in the measured construction.

On the off chance that we contrast the modular construction and the traditional construction, modular construction is lesser time taking while traditional construction is time taking cycle and, surprisingly, expensive. PUF panel saves the construction cost as well as time in the modular construction. For that reason we can say that PUF Panels are the favoured decision for modular construction.


• PUF Panels are dependable and long-lasting. The Panels offer every one of the highlights of ordinary traditional construction and a few added benefits.
• PUF Panels are prefabricated, factory designed, utilizing best in class innovation and quality materials under master watch for accuracy and exactness.
• These Panels offer high warm proficiency bringing about low energy utilization and high energy productivity.
• PUF Panels are aesthetically appealing. They are altered to meet client prerequisites regarding configuration, size, and varieties.
• The greatest benefit that the PUF Panel offers is that they are convenient. The Panels can be handily destroyed, moved and reconstructed when required.
• PUF Panels likewise require exceptionally low maintenance and are incredibly eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Why use Sandwich PUF Panel?

These Panels are the best method for maintain the energy proficiency of the building. Protected PUF panel building keeps the structure cool in summer and warm in winters. Therefore PUF panel sets aside to 40 - 50 % of heating and cooling cost. They are energy-effective as well as are tough with a high imperviousness to fire rating.

Allow us to view a portion of the advantages of PUF panel.

Long life

PUF Panels have normal working existence of 25 years. PUF insulation is not difficult to cut into any shape or size utilizing a standard knife or saw.

Simple to transport

The lightweight of these Panels makes it extremely simple to transport. Which in becomes lessens the vehicle cost too. The transportation costs for conveyance of a square meter of one PUF Panels divider is multiple times less expensive than a conveyance of bricks or cement.

Quick Installation

PUF Panels are quickly installed. It is accomplished as a result of its lightweight and because of their plan highlights, for example, complete production line gathered.

Profoundly Hygienic

These Panels are profoundly hygienic additionally; they meet all clean and ecological norms. These Panels are exceptionally impervious to parasite or shape.



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